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StyleGuide got its start as a Google Doc listing prompts and examples of art styles by the most commonly used 1,000 artists found in AI art prompts. The original StyleGuide document is large in file size. It's a great resource to reference once it's loaded. However, devices with limited memory may have trouble displaying the whole document. For that reason, we also have the StyleGuide broken into 10 chapters which you can find below:

A B - C D - F G - I J K - L M - O P - R S - T U - Z

Art Movements - StyleGuide Doc

Similar to the StyleGuide doc for artist examples, there is also an Art Movements version of the StyleGuide. Much of the data in this document drives the StyleGuide Prompt Generator.

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Welcome to our latest selection of stories and articles from the StyleGuideAI blog on Here, you'll find a diverse array of insights and explorations into the realms of art, creativity, and digital expression. Each entry provides a snapshot of the latest thoughts and developments shared by our contributors. Dive into the full articles to explore innovative ideas and artistic narratives that resonate with our community. For more engaging content, visit our complete blog on